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How much are window blinds?


Nowadays more and more homeowners are looking at window blinds as a suitable alternative to curtains and they look great in many rooms of the home.

So, in line with window blinds becoming more popular, take a look at our handy guide below which gives you more information on the types available and how much they’ll cost.

Window blinds are no longer only suited to kitchens and bathrooms, and also look great in the lounge, dining room, bedroom and conservatory.

They provide a stylish and sophisticated appeal throughout the home.

Roller blinds: Roller blinds are the most common style of window blinds, consisting of a sheet of fabric which is adjusted with a cord pulley system. This gives them the benefit of being quick and easy to use and they’re also extremely easy to keep clean.

Cost: £10+ per blinds

Roman blinds: These styles are similar to the popular roller blinds, except the fabric folds when raised and straightens out when down. They will also often have wooden slats to help preserve the fabric.

Cost: £20

Venetian blinds: Venetian blinds are great at giving you an opportunity to control the amount of natural light entering your home with slats with can be adjusted. They’re fantastic at keeping out the sun’s glare whilst allowing natural light inside.

Cost: £30

Shutter blinds: Shutter blinds take on a similar design to Venetian blinds and also can be adjusted to allow certain amounts of light inside. There is more room for complicated windows though and they can be custom made to fit any unit desired.

Blackout blinds: Blackout blinds are brilliant for bedrooms and as their name gives away, they totally block out natural light. The fabric is a lot thicker and this means you can snooze ‘til later without being disturbed.

Cost £15+ per blind


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Inefficient windows can lose 20% of the heat you produce in the home, seeing you with less disposable income.
  • Energy Performance Certificates range from A to G, and improving your windows will see your home’s rating boosted.
  • Windows blinds can help you save 25% on your heating bill by retaining 46% extra warmth in your home.
  • The annual household bill has doubled since 2004 and experts predict it’ll double again by 2020.

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