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What is double glazing?


Whilst double glazing is often a term branded about it’s not necessarily something you’ll know much about. What are the ins and outs of Britain’s most popular replacement window and what makes these units such a sound investment?

Any new window will help raise the energy efficiency of your home and with it, reduce heating bills. On top of this, a new installation will increase property security, slash carbon emissions and help minimise noise pollution. Double glazing does this to an excellent standard.

The efficiency of double glazing

Double glazing’s main selling point is energy efficiency. That’s what makes it a popular investment and that’s how salesmen earn a living. It’s all in the manufacture of double glazed windows that achieves this efficiency.

Effectively, the double glazing unit is comprised of two panes of glass (often low-e), which are separated by an energy efficient gas spacer, typically Argon. Because of these features combined, heat can’t pass through the unit and is instead locked in your home.
Double Glazing
With double glazing:

  • Cut your heating bills

The primary purpose of double glazing is to save money on energy bills. This is achieved through the improved home energy efficiency so less heat is lost and you don’t have to turn up the thermostat to stay warm. This is an even bigger bonus in the winter when homes are typically colder. With double glazing you can save up to £300 every year, depending on your old windows and the fuel used to heat your home.

  • Reduce CO2 emissions

With this improved energy efficiency of the home windows, less carbon emissions will be created and released into the atmosphere. Carbon is created when fuel is burned and with double glazing there’ll be less of a need to turn up the thermostat’s temperature. Reducing carbon will help the environment and you’ll be aiding the Government’s emission targets too.

  • Enjoy a warmer home

New windows will eliminate any draughts or cold spots in your property, so you can be sure of staying warmer throughout the year. Consequently, in the summer months you’ll want to lock heat out, which double glazing will aid too. Effectively you’ll be more comfortable with these energy efficient units in place.

  • Stay in peace and quiet

In the same efficient manner that heat can’t pass through double glazing units, the same can be said for noise. If you live near a busy main road or residential area this is of significant benefit and with double glazing you’ll be left in peace and quiet all year round.

Why is double glazing energy efficient?

Double glazing in your home will create an insulating barrier. Two panes of glass are separated by around 16mm and the space filled with a motionless gas. This effectively prevents heat passing through the unit. With replacement windows, always look for the BFRC rating and Energy Saving Trust logo. This guarantees quality of product.

When considering double glazing there are three areas you need to pay the most attention to:double glazing

The type of glass: When it comes to the glass used in double glazing, low emissivity (low-e) is typically the most popular on the market. Low-e glass has a metallic coating on the inner pane to improve efficiency. It lets light and heat into your home, but restricts the amount that can escape.

The type of spacer: The spacer inserted in your double glazing unit will ultimately decide how efficient an installation is. There are three main options for this spacer; Argon, Xenon and Krypton. Argon is the most efficient, so with this double glazing you stand to save the most on energy bills.

The type of pane spacer: Pane spacers are used to separate the two pieces of glass and are fixed around the edges of the frame. The type you choose will have an effect on how efficient units are, and spacers with little or no metal in will be your best bet.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Replacing your inefficient windows with double glazing will help you save up to £200 a year on expensive household bills.
  • Installing double glazing is an environmentally friendly option, slashing carbon by 680kg annually.
  • As well as a monetary saving, double glazing will cut condensation and reduce noise pollution.
  • Switching your old windows will boost your property’s EPC rating and make your home a more attractive buy in the market.
  • For homes in Conservation Areas, consider secondary glazing to make energy savings when double glazing isn’t permitted.

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