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uPVC or hardwood frames for your windows?


If you’re thinking about replacing your windows then there’s one decision you’ll definitely need to make: Do you choose uPVC or hardwood frames? There’s no point in racing to a decision though because there are a number of factors you’ll need to take into consideration.

A lot will come down to your budget and personal preference on the material itself. But there are other considerations too. For instance, would you rather window frames that require less maintenance throughout the year?

Wooden frames do look fantastic, but with this benefit comes maintenance needed to keep them in a great condition. For wooden frames you’ll need to paint and varnish them every few years at least.

This is completely different to uPVC. uPVC frames need hardly any maintenance and you only require a wet cloth to give them a good clean over. On top of this, you can get that natural wooden look with uPVC woodgrain effect colours.

So how about other factors such as the life expectancy? Hardwood frames are notable for having a length life especially when they’re kept in good condition. uPVC on the other hand can suffer from discolouration problems after 15 to 20 years or so.

Next let’s think about the security to your home. After all, windows and doors are the main areas targeted by burglars so you need the very best in place to deter and prevent a break-in. uPVC windows come out on top here with the latest locking mechanisms and hinges and bolts strategically placed to make entry difficult for intruders.

Wooden window frames though have difficulty in security because of the style, so increasing security would cause damage to the wood.

As with any window installation though your best bet is to seek the help and advice of experts in the business. Replacing the windows of your home is very important and you should never rush a decision. Instead get all the facts and information you need before investing in the perfect windows.

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