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Why You Should Upgrade Your Windows with Solar Control Glazing

Glass magnifies heat from the sun. This can make rooms with a large number of windows hot and uncomfortable.

Solar control glazing is a high-tech type of glass designed to reduce this problem.

Solar control glass has been around for a while but has mainly been used for commercial buildings. Now, it’s much more affordable than it used to be, which means that it’s accessible to more and more homeowners.

What is solar control glazing?

Solar control glazing is a type of glass that is designed to reduce temperature build-up in rooms and buildings during sunny weather.

It’s a good solution for homeowners who want a cool home without having to shut out daylight with blinds or invest in air conditioning.

How does solar control glazing work?

Solar control glazing has a very thin coating on one side. This reduces the amount of solar radiation that travels through the glass by reflecting some of it back into the atmosphere. It also limits the amount of radiation that does get through and absorbs some of the energy.

While solar control glazing is very effective, it should be used with and not instead of other solutions. Keeping a room ventilated and shaded when not in use will work with solar control glazing to keep your room cool.

What are the benefits of solar control glazing?

Solar control glazing has several benefits. Lots of people have rooms that they avoid using in the summer because sunlight makes them uncomfortably hot. This is a particularly common problem for people who have south-facing rooms with large windows or conservatories.

Installing solar control glazing can help to increase the amount of living space you have in the summer and make your home more comfortable.

Other benefits of solar control glazing are that it’s:

  • Effective even in rooms with large amounts of glazing
  • Reduces glare without blocking out natural light
  • More durable and long-lasting than blinds
  • More durable and energy-efficient than air conditioning

If you want to get solar control glazing and are looking for someone to install it for you, fill in our online form. We’ll connect you with up to 4 local contractors who’ll be able to give you advice and a quote.

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