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Triple or double glazing windows?


Double glazing windows are a popular home insulation measure, but triple glazing also seems to be making an appearance in British properties too. The question remains though, on whether triple glazing is actually more effective for the extra money you’ll spend on it.

Double glazing windows are made with two panes of glass, which are separated by a spacer containing an efficient gas, usually Argon. This means heat is unable to pass through the unit and exit the house.

And triple glazing works in a similar fashion to its double glazing counterpart, except there are three panes of glass and two spacers, maximising efficiency. As the UK winters seem to be getting worse and worse, both wetter and colder, this increased efficiency certainly doesn’t go amiss.

It’s true though; double glazing windows will lock the heat in and eliminate draughts, keeping your home warmer. So do you need triple glazing?

Triple glazing is more common in the cold climates of Scandinavia, typically Norway and Sweden. But in the UK, the extra weight, processes, components and manpower can see the price skyrocket for triple glazing.

Windows specialist Dave Pearson gives his opinion to the debate, highlighting that the benefits achievable outweigh the negative of added cost.

He said: “Yes the latest generation of double glazing is very effective at keeping draughts out and keeping heat in but the popularity of triple glazing in Scandinavian countries where they certainly know a thing or two about how to stay warm in really cold weather is for a reason.
“An extra pane and the inert gas means – yes, greater insulation. A triple glazed window typically has an extremely low U-value which indicates superior insulation. These windows eliminate cold spots and they let more of the ‘free’ sun’s heat in, and help it to stay in. I think that these benefits count for a lot and as is so often the case in life you get what you pay for. If you’re looking for windows that are going to help provide that extra comfort level to your home then you should seriously consider triple glazing.”

If you’re looking to replace your units, then double glazing windows will be high up on your priority list. You’ll instantly see savings in energy bills and your home will be considerably warmer, without needing to turn up the thermostat. For even better savings, consider triple glazing as an option.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Replacing your inefficient windows with double glazing will help you save up to £200 a year on expensive household bills.
  • Installing double glazing is an environmentally friendly option, slashing carbon by 680kg annually.
  • As well as a monetary saving, double glazing will cut condensation and reduce noise pollution.
  • Switching your old windows will boost your property’s EPC rating and make your home a more attractive buy in the market.
  • For homes in Conservation Areas, consider secondary glazing to make energy savings when double glazing isn’t permitted.

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