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Double glazing in Scotland


Home insulation is crucial for every property, with National Grid energy prices on the rise. As the major suppliers continue to crank up costs for gas and electricity, maintaining home energy efficiency has become more important than ever.
Double glazing is one popular insulation measure and in Scotland it’s as popular as ever. In fact, double glazing in Scotland received over 5,500 searches in May 2013 on major Internet engines.

According to research, the most common Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) is level D. The EPC shows how efficient a property is and ranges from A (the most efficient) to G (the least efficient). In fact, there are over one million properties in Scotland with a D rating, showing there’s plenty of improvement to be made to increase efficiency.

Double glazing Scotland is one way to improve heat retention. Double glazing works by keeping heat in the home with two panes of glass separated by an energy efficient gas spacer. This essentially means you won’t have to turn up the thermostat to keep warm, which is particularly great in the winter months.

And there are plenty of extra benefits too, such as eliminating draughts, cutting noise pollution and decreasing carbon emissions.

If you’re thinking of double glazing in Scotland, the good news is you can choose a frame to both suit your home and your taste. There’s the opportunity to cater for a smaller budget too, with the uPVC option by far the most popular choice.

uPVC double glazing in Scotland is a household favourite. It’s also preferred by double glazing companies because it’s cheap to manufacture whilst having fantastic advantages for windows. uPVC is also used for doors and conservatories. And with a range of colours now available you don’t have to settle for a bright white finish.
Other options include hardwood and aluminium. Hardwood looks great with traditional properties but requires extra maintenance to keep it in tip-top condition. Meanwhile, aluminium frames are durable and highly weather resistance, but will set you back more than the cheaper uPVC.

If you’re looking to reduce your annual heating bills, then make sure double glazing figures highly in your mind.

Inefficient windows could be wasting hundreds of pounds every year and as the energy suppliers raise prices this loss will only increase. Do something about this and start working towards a more efficient home.

Remember, comparing prices between double glazing companies in Scotland is the best way of getting a great price. Compare three or four professional quotes and save money on your double glazing installation.

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