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How much will a roof window cost?


Skylights, also known as roof windows, are fitted into sloped ceilings and roofs, where normal windows aren’t available.

They give you an opportunity to still get natural light into the home and the job can be done much cheaper than you would have thought.

We always recommend using a skilled professional to install your new skylight because it can be a difficult job and you don’t want to make a costly mistake yourself.

Find out more about skylights and how much you can expect to pay.

What are the options for your skylight?

As with everything there are a few options at your disposal, mainly dependent on your preferences and budget. For instance, you can find skylights which have been designed specifically for shallow pitched roofs, or even fixed designs which won’t open. Then of course, with a larger budget you can invest in windows which will automatically close when it starts to rain.

How much will a skylight cost?

When it comes to a skylight, the same rules will apply in terms of costing as with a normal window. One of the biggest factors will be the size of the window needed and whether you opt for a bespoke design. On average though, you can expect a 1m sq skylight to cost you around £1,000. DIY is always best avoided because many homeowners have noticed problems with condensation and leaks.

Are there any technicalities to consider?

If it’s a flat roof you’ll need to beware of flooding. As a result, ensure the upstand along the perimeter of the skylight is a minimum of 1.5cm. If you’re keen on plenty of natural light entering your home you’ll need around 10% of the space to be glazed. Increasing this to 20% will have even better results.

What else do you need to know?

  • Always speak to your local council if you’re in a Conservation Area to check on specific rules for your home
  • Consider blinds, especially in the summer because glazed areas can become hot
  • Think about privacy. You’re putting a hole in your ceiling so make sure there’ll be no peeping Toms
  • Sometimes multiple skylights can have better results than one larger window
  • Make sure you meet any insulation measures imposed by the local council
  • Always ensure your home is secure. Windows can be an easy target for burglars
  • Skylights work well as fire escapes, especially in the loft where they’re compulsory if you’ve converted the space.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Inefficient windows can lose 20% of the heat you produce in the home, seeing you with less disposable income.
  • Energy Performance Certificates range from A to G, and improving your windows will see your home’s rating boosted.
  • Always use a FENSA or Certass registered company to ensure your windows are fitted to the highest industry standards.
  • A skylight window would cost around £1,000, and always remember to use a qualified installer rather than go DIY.

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