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Window companies – Who can you trust?

It’s a sad state of affairs, but a Which? survey shows that only 7% of members truly trust double glazing companies. This probably isn’t surprising because of the bad reputation double glazing salesmen have, which in most cases in unjustified.

Unfortunately cowboys and dodgy salesmen have crippled the double glazing industry with their dubious selling tactics, hefty price drops and on-the-spot sign up deals. Needless to say this isn’t the case across the board, but how can you be sure you’re getting the real deal?

With excellent energy efficiency benefits, Building Regulations state that new windows must be double glazed. This is however different for listed properties or homes in conservation areas.

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Essentially you have two choices when it comes to selecting the right double glazing companies for you. You could opt for a national company such as Anglian or Everest, or pursue the smaller, local double glazing firms.

Local firms perform better

The Which? survey put the question forward of satisfaction in the finished double glazing installation. And the results showed that independent installers were rated higher and might even be the cheaper option.

According to results, the national double glazing companies including Anglian, Everest, Safestyle and Zenith, are leaving customers less satisfied than those using local companies.

One Which? member backed up this research, suggesting: “Local firms rely on word of mouth for their reputation and in a small town they cannot afford to let this slip.”

Plus, whilst you may think larger companies would have more scope to offer you a double glazing deal, research suggests this isn’t the case.

Which? sent a questionnaire out to both local and national double glazing companies asking for the average prices quoted for certain jobs. Everest and Safestyle outright refused to disclose their prices, with Everest commenting: “It’s no secret that we charge a premium price for our products”.

Although Anglian and Zenith offered their average prices, Which? still found them to be typically more expensive than quotes from independent double glazing firms.

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Double glazing problems

Something else highlighted with the double glazing survey was that homeowners using local double glazing companies would have less problems before, during and after the installation process. Two thirds noted not having any issues or complaints, whilst only half of national users had a straightforward fitting.

Commonly, problems associated with the double glazing installation were the wrong parts being delivered, scratched glass, improperly fitted windows and installations taking longer than planned. There have also been cases of the property being damaged by installers.

For more information on the Which? consumer report visit the Which? website at www.which.co.uk

Essentially, if you want to have double glazing installed it’s recommended to seek out local, independent double glazing companies rather than the nationals. And Which? even recommend receiving up to four quotes so you can compare prices and see what’s included in the full cost.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Replacing your inefficient windows with double glazing will help you save up to £200 a year on expensive household bills.
  • Installing double glazing is an environmentally friendly option, slashing carbon by 680kg annually.
  • As well as a monetary saving, double glazing will cut condensation and reduce noise pollution.
  • Switching your old windows will boost your property’s EPC rating and make your home a more attractive buy in the market.
  • For homes in Conservation Areas, consider secondary glazing to make energy savings when double glazing isn’t permitted.

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