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Make a great impression with your front door

How much of an effect does the front door of your home actually have? Kerb appeal is vital and the front door plays a huge part in this, ensuring your home stands out from the crowd and looks great. Don’t believe me? Then when was the last time you could remember a property by the way it looked from the outside alone?

This shows just how important the front door really is. A beautiful installation leaves a lasting impact on friends, family and guests. Number 10 Downing Street is arguably the most recognisable front door in the world, which shows how much of an impression a front door can have.

The infamous door from Notting Hill also became so well known that tourists and fans queued outside the property to take pictures after the film was released. This caused the owner to auction off the front door and fit a normal replacement.

The front door for your own home will be important, no matter if you’re looking to sell or even stay in the property for years to come. And the great news is there are plenty of designs, styles and colours to choose from. So you can get exactly what you want, whether you opt for a bold or subtle new front door.

But the traditional colour of white remains the most popular for homeowners in the UK, who have yet to fully test out the bold line of colours at their disposal. According to Westbury Windows and Joinery, white takes top spot, with woodgrain finishes and black second and third respectively.

But why not make your home stand out with a bold front door colour? There are many to choose from as well, with red, green, blue and grey just some of the alternative colours to pick from. Of course if you’re struggling to choose a colour in keeping with your existing style, then a professional is always on hand to offer the best advice.

Don’t forget, a new front door offers many benefits to your home. On top of this, the installation could be much cheaper than you’d think:

  • Kerb appeal: Kerb appeal is vital and can make or break the impression guests have on your home. A new door is one of the most important features to adding kerb appeal.
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  • Increased security: It’s a sad state of affairs that we need to be so vigilant with the security of our home, but unfortunately it’s the way of the world. With a new front door you get the brilliant benefits of modern security to keep you and your home safe
  • Improved insulation: Insulation is vitally important because of the rise in energy prices and a new front door will retain more heat in your home. Well fitted, it’ll eliminate draughts and cut your expensive bills.

When you look at your front door, is it a little worse for wear? If so then the kerb appeal of your home is being significantly impacted and a quality replacement can make a real difference. Make your property more attractive and give your home the improvement it desperately needs.

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