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Double glazing in Liverpool

Double glazing in Liverpool

It has been all over the media and we’ve felt the effects first-hand. Energy prices are rising and our bills have been hit hard as a result. There seems no escaping the hikes either, with the UK’s major suppliers all upping their prices every year.
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Research shows that the average homeowner’s energy bills have doubled since 2004 and experts suggest this could reoccur by 2020. As such, the need for adequate home insulation is now more important than ever, especially in key areas such as the loft, walls and windows.

With heat retention an important part of energy efficiency, there is little on the market with greater popularity than double glazing. Double glazing in Liverpool is also at an all-time high, with hundreds of online searches every month from homeowners seeking more information.

And this trend is set to continue as homeowners look for the best ways to reduce their energy bills. But why is double glazing in Liverpool so popular?

The energy efficiency of homes is measured with something called the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and takes into account measures such as double glazing, boiler efficiency, loft lagging and wall cavity insulation. Upgrading the windows of your home with double glazing is one superb way to improve energy efficiency in your property.

With the average property in the UK holding a level D certificate, there is plenty to be done to increase efficiency. But how will double glazing in Liverpool help to slash your expenses?

Double glazing in Liverpool is a popular way to keep homes warmer and cut energy bills. The basic structure of double glazing is two panes of glass separated by an energy efficient spacer, usually Argon. The way the unit is manufactured ensures heat can’t pass through and is instead locked in the home. Therefore, there’s no need to increase the thermostat’s temperature.

It isn’t just this energy efficiency that puts double glazing ahead of its insulation rivals either. There are some excellent side-benefits such as reduced condensation on the windows, less noise pollution and fewer carbon emissions.

For your double glazing in Liverpool you can create a look that suits both your home and taste too. Homeowners have the opportunity to choose between uPVC, aluminium and hardwood frames.
uPVC is by far the most popular of the three mainly because it’s cheaper than its rivals. Saying this, there is no compromise on quality, with excellent durability and weather resistance. As such it’s not just in the windows industry uPVC is a household favourite, figuring highly in doors and conservatories too.

On top of this there isn’t the need to have white frames anymore, with a range of options in the colour you pick. There are now even woodgrain finishes available to resemble real wood, so even traditional properties can look great with the cheaper alternative too.

Double glazing in Liverpool gives you a great opportunity to slash bills. Inefficient windows will waste hundreds of pounds worth of heat every year and this can be saved with new double glazing.

If double glazing in Liverpool is for you, then make sure to compare three or four quotes to get the best price and a great company too. Comparing prices helps to receive the best deal and you can confirm the reputability of double glazing companies by asking for references.

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