How to make your windows energy efficient

Your windows are likely to be losing as much as 20% of the heat produced in the home and this is simply wasting hundreds of pounds on a yearly basis. These statistics were produced by the National Insulation Association.

If your windows are leaking heat then the chances are you’re suffering from draughts in the home too.

So by improving the efficiency of your windows you’ll benefit from cheaper bills and a more comfortable environment.

So what are the best ways to achieve this? There are plenty of solid options for you to consider, but typically it’ll come down to a choice of whether to repair or replace.

Air tightness

By draught proofing your windows you’ll immediately feel the difference in your home and in your pocket. And the good news is you can go about this yourself if you opt for something simple such as masking tape.

However, there’s a huge difference when you bring in an expert to complete a well-installed draught proofing system routed into the wood.

There are many windows which appear to be beyond repair, but with the right refurbishment can look as good as new. Of course, the best practice is to keep your timber windows in good condition to start with, with regular maintenance.

Improve insulation

Something that you may consider is completely replacing your windows and installing the latest double glazing. This will sure up your home’s energy efficiency and help to save a few hundred pounds on bills every year. But this isn’t cheap.

However, if your windows are old and worn it could be your best bet. Then once fitted, make sure they’re well maintained and they’ll give you decades of service.

Then there’s secondary glazing to consider, which is particularly popular for Conservation Areas and listed buildings. Secondary glazing is loosely based on double glazing principles and involves fitting a second pane of glass on the inside of the original window. It’s effective though and can help to save you a third on heating bills.

When you speak to a window professional there’ll also likely mention triple glazing as an option. It’s the most expensive of the three listed above and unfortunately won’t see you make the necessary returns to pay back your investment. Therefore, we would always recommend avoiding triple glazing unless you have the money to spare.

Double glazing is sufficient for your home and can even increase the value of your property. As the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating of your home increases as well, you’ll find more potential buyers interested in your home.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Inefficient windows can lose 20% of the heat you produce in the home, seeing you with less disposable income.
  • Energy Performance Certificates range from A to G, and improving your windows will see your home’s rating boosted.
  • With double glazing in place you stand to save hundreds of pounds every year, which is welcome as National Grid energy prices rise.
  • The annual household bill has doubled since 2004 and experts predict it’ll double again by 2020.

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