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Double glazing in Glasgow

Double glazing in Glasgow


It’s no secret that the UK’s major energy suppliers are raising prices at an alarming rate. Since 2004 our annual energy bills have doubled and experts warn this could repeat by 2020. In order to counter this rise in prices it’s important to insulate the home and keep as much heat as possible locked in the property, rather than allow it to escape through the loft, walls and windows.
As a home insulation measure, there isn’t much on the market more popular than double glazing. And double glazing in Glasgow is high on the priority list for homeowners too. There were close to 1,000 online searches from consumers looking to find more information on double glazing in May 2013, which is up from April. And the trend is set to continue.

Home energy efficiency is measured with the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), taking into account things such as double glazing, boiler efficiency, wall cavity insulation and loft lagging. With the windows susceptible to losing a lot of heat each year it’s important to provide adequate insulation.

However, in Scotland the average EPC rating is level D, showing that there is plenty of improvement to be made. Ratings range from A, which is the most efficient, to G, the least efficient. Increasing this efficiency is paramount to reducing energy bills.

Having double glazing fitted in Glasgow is one excellent way to enhance this energy efficiency too. Double glazing works to retain more heat in the home by restricting how much can escape, with a motionless gas space between two panes of glass. This means you won’t put as much pressure on the central heating to keep warm, slashing fuel bills.

It’s not just for this reason that double glazing in Glasgow is very popular either. There are plenty of added benefits, including reduced condensation, less noise pollution and cuts to your CO2 output.

For double glazing in Glasgow there are different options to consider too, so you’re able to find a product that suits your home. With uPVC, hardwood and aluminium frames all possible, you can work on a budget and match your taste too.

For most homeowners uPVC is the winner, being cheaper than the alternatives whilst not compromising on efficiency, durability or weather resistance. It’s a favourite in the trade industry too and found in doors and conservatories too. No longer must you conform to the bright white finish either, with a range of colours on offer to select from.

If uPVC isn’t up your street, then perhaps hardwood or aluminium would be more to your liking. Hardwood is preferred for new windows in a traditional home but will require extra maintenance to keep them in optimal condition. Aluminium is the most durable and hardwearing of the three, but this shows in the price and is also the most expensive option.
Essentially if you want to reduce your bills in Glasgow, then double glazing is a great opportunity. Windows are a common point of inefficiency in the home, losing hundreds of pounds worth of heat every year.

If double glazing in Glasgow is for you, then make sure to compare three or four quotes to get the best price and a great company too. Comparing prices helps to receive the best deal and you can confirm the reputability of double glazing companies by asking for references.

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