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Start saving with energy efficient windows


In today’s world there’s a lot of talk about trying to save money around the home, namely with energy efficient upgrades. Then of course there are CO2 emissions to think about too and we’re always encouraged to think green in an effort to reduce our own carbon output.

Something that’s evident though is windows are overlooked as energy saving measures. When in fact there’s a great deal of savings to make with replacement windows because of the amount of heat that can be lost. Your windows could be losing 30% of the heat you produce.

There are different window installations to consider, including single paned windows, double glazing and even triple glazing. On top of this, coatings are available to ensure the glass is even more efficient and won’t be wasting your heat.

So now we’ve got your attention in regards to saving money with new windows, what do you need to do next? Well if you’re interested in replacement windows it’s always important to look for the Energy Saving Trust logo and BFRC energy label.

The Energy Saving Trust (EST) are an independent body that endorses windows rated C or higher. Ratings range from A-G and not surprisingly, the better the rating, the more money you’ll save. You should also be on the hunt for low-emissivity glass which has a layer of metal oxide to let in sunlight but reduce heat loss further.

Your problem here though is that there are no laws in place to force window manufacturers into labelling their windows. To get around this though, only ever buy windows with the iconic EST label. Then you’ll know for sure that they’re energy efficient and will save you money. Don’t forget, window companies will want to brag about their excellent efficiency levels, not make it hard for you to find.

Another check to remember is using a window company that’s registered with FENSA or Certass. Both industry bodies regulate companies to ensure they’re using the latest measures and comply with all regulations. Also, if you have any problems, the body will be able to step in on your behalf.

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