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Do double glazing units really save you money?


There’s no doubt about it, double glazing units will save you money. The question many homeowners are asking is how much this would be and whether the installation is really worthwhile. As the UK’s winters have become longer and colder, energy prices have skyrocketed with people looking at viable ways to reduce bills.

Double glazing units have been a popular insulation measure in Britain for a number of years now, because not only do they help to provide a warmer home, but will slash energy bills too. Where possible, any new window installations must be double glazed to meet energy efficiency standards, but homeowners want to know the money saving potential of double glazing units.

The Energy Saving Trust expect B-rated double glazed units to save around £170 a year on average energy bills, when replacing single glazed units. This saving is achieved by the energy efficient properties which prevent heat from escaping the home, whilst allowing plenty of light in.

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The basic structure of double glazing units is two panes of glass separated by an energy efficient gas spacer, usually Argon, Xenon or Krypton. As a motionless gas, heat is unable to pass through and exit the home. It’s also likely your double glazing will have efficient warm edge pane spacers.

You can identify how energy efficient double glazing would be, by using the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) guide. Efficiency is rated from A to G, with A being the most energy efficient.

And the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) of homes has become more important, especially in recent years.

Potential buyers will now look at a property’s EPC to calculate how much they’d expect to pay out on energy bills.

Double glazing specialist Dave Pearson says: “Yes, modern energy efficient double glazing can deliver some real energy bill savings. You could focus on how much the purchase price is but it’s unlikely that someone would purchase new double glazing just for energy bill savings alone.

“In my experience people buy double glazing because they want a warmer and more comfortable home, they want to insulate the home against draughts and the noise from outside, and they want to be freed from the need to keep painting and worrying about the maintenance of the window frames over time.

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“UPVC frames also make the house look better and tidier. Yes energy bill savings are an important extra bonus but they’re one of many reasons why people buy double glazing.”

Dave also points out that it’s important to consider other parts of the home too, aside from the double glazing units, when it comes to energy efficiency. Heat can be lost in a number of ways, not just through the windows. When it comes to home insulation, considerations need to be made for the roof, walls and flooring as well.

Mr Pearson said: “If you really want to focus on energy bill savings there are many other areas of the home that need to be properly insulated, and double glazing is just one albeit important measure you can take.”


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Replacing your inefficient windows with double glazing will help you save up to £200 a year on expensive household bills.
  • Installing double glazing is an environmentally friendly option, slashing carbon by 680kg annually.
  • As well as a monetary saving, double glazing will cut condensation and reduce noise pollution.
  • Switching your old windows will boost your property’s EPC rating and make your home a more attractive buy in the market.
  • For homes in Conservation Areas, consider secondary glazing to make energy savings when double glazing isn’t permitted.

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