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Double Glazing Price Guide

Sometimes, it can be tricky to know whether you’re getting a good price for your double glazing. There are lots of options for glazing, frames and companies who supply and install them. It’s difficult to cut through the noise and figure out what a good price is. We’ve put together some advice and costs to help you work out how much your double glazing replacement project is likely to cost.

General advice

Set a budget

Try and set a realistic budget for your double glazing project before getting quotes. That way, you can easily compare quotes against your budget and know exactly what you can afford.

Do your research

Make sure you understand what type of window you’re looking for. Prices can vary hugely depending on the type of glass and frame. Always try to compare similar windows, so you know which quote is the best price.

Think about the savings

Replacing your double glazing with more energy-efficient windows will save you money on your heating bills. Take this into account when getting quotes, as more efficient glass will cost more but also save you more money.


The price of double glazing can vary significantly. We’ve provided some rough indications of typical costs of double glazing below. There are a lot of variables that can account for differences in price, like whether your window openings are standard or nonstandard.

You should always get a range of quotes for double glazing to let you compare the cost of using different companies. There are lots of legitimate reasons why a company’s quote may be higher than others. But if a company’s quote seems to be very high and they can’t tell you why, it’s probably a sign that the quote isn’t competitive.

The following table has some guideline prices for double glazing windows. These prices reflect average prices for casement windows. The prices per property are based on a 3 bedroom home with 12 windows.

Window type Price per unit Price per property
UPVC £300-400 £3,500-5,500
Wood £300-800, depending on type of wood and window £4,000-10,000
Aluminium £600-750 £7,200-9,0000


There are several things that might make these prices higher. If you’ve got windows in the following styles, expect to pay at the top end or even more than the above prices:

  • Bay windows
  • Sash windows
  • Tilt and turn windows

Roof windows

Roof windows, also known as Velux windows, can vary a lot in price. This is because there are a lot of extras that you can get, like automatic closing. Velux windows also vary significantly in size. A rough cost guide for Velux windows is between £220 and £780 per window, but this will depend on the window specification.

Things to watch out for

  • Get lots of quotes! Some double glazing companies may use sales tactics to pressure you into purchasing windows on the spot – don’t fall for these. Shop around and make sure you get several quotes from local and national companies.
  • Pay attention to the specification of the window. Check the specifications of the windows that you’re being quoted for, and be clear on what type of window you’re looking for. You can use the double glazing energy efficiency rating scale as a guide and compare the U values of windows to understand their thermal efficiency.
  • Non-standard window openings can add significantly to the cost of your replacement double glazing. This is because these will often need large amounts of replastering and making good around the window frame. This means that the fitting will take longer and be more expensive.

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