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The great debate: Double glazing or triple glazing?


Should you invest in double glazing or triple glazing? It’s a simple question, yet the answer is probably not as straightforward as you’d imagine. A lot of people believe triple glazing is just hype, leading homeowners to invest in that ‘extra’ pane of glass. And to a certain degree, they could be right.

A lot comes down to something known as solar gain. Solar gain is the free heat that comes into your home from the sun. Of course, at some times of the year this is very much welcomed as it’ll help to keep you warm. But conversely, in the summer you don’t want too much heat inside.

If you have triple glazing then in the summer your home could be a sauna of unbearable heat. This isn’t ideal. Whilst the winters may be nice and cosy, it doesn’t compensate for the summer and you may have to spend more money on air conditioning.

Another thing to bear in mind is that triple glazing isn’t a third more efficient than double glazing. Double glazing works by having a motionless spacer between two panes of glass – effectively cutting out heat loss.

Therefore, with that third pane of glass you’re only stopping that small amount of heat that passes through double glazing. This isn’t significant enough to warrant an investment in the product. Essentially, the more panes of glass you put on, the less cost effective the glazing will become (quadruple glazing is available!).

Of course, salesmen will always try to convince you that more is better. Why wouldn’t they? It’s their job and they’ll make more money if you buy triple glazing windows. But this works in the same way as razors. Single and double bladed razors have always been suitable, yet we’re sold that five blades on the razor enhances the effect.
More isn’t always better.

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