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Double glazing Manchester

Double glazing Manchester


The rising prices of gas and electricity have had a massive effect on our energy bills, doubling since 2004 and expected to double again by 2020. All major energy companies have been increasing their prices too, so there’s little reprieve for customers.

As fuel bills rise, the need for insulation is more and more apparent. Insulation takes many forms, from wall cavity to loft lagging. But double glazing is one of the most popular ways of insulating the home, retaining heat in the property and ensuring it’s not lost through the windows.

Double glazing Manchester is extremely important and with new windows you can cut bills by over £300 a year. It’s now very popular all over the UK but especially in this major city, where there were thousands of searches online for double glazing Manchester in the month of May.

Manchester is one of the UK’s largest cities, with over one million residents. And windows remain an important priority with thousands of searches online for double glazing Manchester each month. Joining these homeowners in switching your own windows is a perfect opportunity to cut expenses and keep your home warm.

Double glazing Manchester is a way to keep your property value high too. Estate agents take double glazing into account because of the visual effects and energy saving potential it offers. With uPVC, aluminium or wooden frames you can create a fantastic visual appeal.

Home energy efficiency is measured with something known as the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) and ratings vary from A to G. Replacing your inefficient windows is one way to drastically boost your own home’s rating.

But how will double glazing Manchester achieve this?

Double glazing is effectively two panes of glass separated by an efficient gas spacer. The spacer is filled with a motionless gas, which means heat can’t pass through and exit the premises. Instead it’s locked in your home and you won’t have to turn up the thermostat to keep warm.

You don’t have to opt for white double glazing units either. Gone are the days when choice was minimal and with uPVC you can have a range of colours including woodgrain effects. uPVC is cheaper than other options available whilst being highly durable and weather resistant.

For double glazing Manchester, make sure you compare three or four quotes from companies in the city. This will help you get the best price and ensure a reputable professional too.

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