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Double glazing Leeds

Double glazing Leeds


DG200-9Energy prices are continually rising and it’s starting to become a serious problem for many homeowners up and down the country. Annual bills are now at a record high, doubling since 2004 and this rise isn’t expected to slow anytime soon.
As gas and electricity rates rise, there’s a growing need for insulation in the home. Insulation takes many shapes and sizes and is used to prevent heat loss through walls, windows, the floor and the roof. But one of the most popular techniques to improve home energy efficiency is with double glazing.

Double glazing Leeds is very important as a consequence and with new windows you can see energy bills reduced by £300 a year. Double glazing is popular for properties all over the UK and Leeds is no different, with nearly 1,000 online searches for double glazing Leeds in May.

Leeds is one of the country’s up and coming cities and a popular university destination too. As such house prices have been on the rise and homeowners have been looking to double glazing as a way to keep a high property value. Double glazing not only reduces heating bills, but improves the visuals of the property too.

One massive benefit is the boost double glazing gives to your home’s Energy Performance Certificate. The ratings vary between A and G, with A being the most efficient. Replacing inefficient windows will increase your home’s rating and the value of the property too.

But how does it do this?
Double glazing is effectively two panes of glass separated by an efficient gas spacer. The spacer is filled with a motionless gas, which means heat can’t pass through and exit the premises. Instead it’s locked in your home and you won’t have to turn up the thermostat to keep warm.

You don’t have to opt for white double glazing units either. Gone are the days when choice was minimal and with uPVC you can have a range of colours including woodgrain effects. uPVC is cheaper than other options available whilst being highly durable and weather resistant.

For double glazing Leeds, make sure you compare three or four quotes from companies in the city. This will help you get the best price and ensure a reputable professional too.

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