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Double glazing grants


Double glazing is a popular insulator that will help lock more heat in your home and reduce your energy bills.

All new build homes have double glazing windows as standards because of their energy efficient properties, so if you have an older home it’s important not to miss out.

Double glazing offers benefits throughout the year, but it’s particularly useful in the winter when the cold weather sets in.

So to start with, let’s take a look at the brilliant benefits double glazing windows provide your home with:

  • Reduce heat loss in the home, ensuring your energy bills are cheaper and you save year-on-year
  • Cut the noise pollution in your home as the energy saving properties keep unwanted sound outside
  • Improve your home’s security with modern locks and new frames in place.

Now you know the benefits of double glazing, you’ll want to know if there are any grants available that would help fund the investment.

Grants for Double Glazing

When considering insulating measures for your home, you’ll be pleased to know that there’s now the Government’s Green Deal in place, which was launched in 2013. This allows homeowners to receive a low-interest loan up to £10,000 towards insulating their property.

There’s also the Energy Company Obligation, whereby your energy supplier must offer discounted double glazing grants for new windows as a way of boosting your home’s efficiency rating. All the major energy companies are part of this scheme, including British Gas, EDF, Npower and SSE.

So how do these schemes work?

  • The first stage includes a full energy assessment of your home. A surveyor will calculate what would improve the efficiency of your home. Essentially, they’ll work out if double glazing grants are viable for improving your financial outlook. This assessment typically costs between £50 and £100.
  • If you receive any kind of low income benefit you’ll be automatically considered for council double glazing grants. This may also be considered if you own a ‘vulnerable’ household.
  • Next you’ll speak with a Green Deal Provider, who’ll provide the quotes for your new windows. From here you can choose to use the Green Deal scheme or even pay for the full installation yourself, whereby all savings go straight into your pocket.

The Green Deal is a loan, but it works slightly differently to a typical loan. Rather than being attached to you, it stays with the property. What exactly does this mean? Well, if you decide to move home later down the line, you won’t have to continue paying off the loan. Instead it’ll go straight to the new owners.

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