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Double glazed sash windows


Double glazed sash windows are a favourite in UK homes, but particularly for those with a traditional look. It’s the aesthetic appeal of these units which makes them so popular and they’re also known as hung sash windows. They’re made from a number of movable panels which create the framework.

Sash windows can come with a variety of frame types, typically uPVC, wood or aluminium. With uPVC double glazed sash windows you’ll have the added benefits of durability and low maintenance. On top of this the units will last well for years.

Sash windows have the luxury of being opened horizontally or vertically. This means you can ultimately decide the style of your windows. Sash windows are more often seen in Victorian properties and can be made to fit any size required.

Why choose uPVC double glazed sash windows?

Making your home stand out is something that should go through your mind. And sash windows do this in abundance. They look fantastic and with a range of colours to choose from with uPVC frames, you don’t have to go with the norm.

With double glazed sash windows:
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  • Have a durable material that’s easy to maintain. uPVC is also cheaper than some of the other options available, including hardwood and aluminium. On top of this you can choose a colour other than white, benefitting from woodgrain effects if required.
  • Enjoy a warmer home with excellent insulation from the double glazed qualities. With new double glazed windows you’ll be able to cut your energy bills as heat is retained in the home rather than being allowed the exit the property.
  • Reduce the amount of noise pollution that enters your home. With the same energy efficiency that will cut your bills, it’ll also keep noise out. If you live on a busy main road or there are road works nearby you’ll quickly see the benefits of this.
  • Slash the CO2 emissions your home creates by using less fuel for warmth. By creating less carbon you will improve your property’s Energy Performance Certificate which is great when it comes to selling your home in the future.

If you’re considering double glazed sash windows, make sure to compare three of four quotes from reputable companies. This way you can ensure getting the best deal and feel confident of picking a trustworthy professional.


Facts & Figures You’ll Love To Share

  • Replacing your inefficient windows with double glazing will help you save up to £200 a year on expensive household bills.
  • Installing double glazing is an environmentally friendly option, slashing carbon by 680kg annually.
  • As well as a monetary saving, double glazing will cut condensation and reduce noise pollution.
  • Switching your old windows will boost your property’s EPC rating and make your home a more attractive buy in the market.
  • For homes in Conservation Areas, consider secondary glazing to make energy savings when double glazing isn’t permitted.

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