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How to get the best deal on your double glazing


We always want to get the best deal possible in any walk of life and this guide will hopefully help you out in this area. As a side note, this isn’t just for double glazing and you can use the tips here if you’re speaking to boiler engineers or even solar panel installers.

Ok, so what you first need to think about is how the salesperson is paid. Is it a commission only role? If it is, then it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to realise they’ll try to push you into a sale by any means possible. A regular salesman will offer advice and give you the time and space to make up your own mind.

Of course, commission-only salespeople make perfect sense to the company. It helps them sort out their overheads as they’re not paying anyone for not getting sales in. Instead, with commission they’re guaranteeing sales for all expenses.

The problem is though, homeowners can’t stand them. Over the years we have seen the windows industry tarnished by these pushy salesmen who are too keen to tie up a sale once they get a foot through the door.

As with any industry there are national suppliers such as Anglian and Zenit. These larger companies remain popular with homeowners because of the guarantee you’ll have with these windows, even if they’ll set you back more to start with.

Research shows that local, independent companies will probably offer you a cheaper price and there’s nothing wrong with the quality and workmanship either. The problem though is risking that the company doesn’t go bust, whereby your guarantee is worthless.

What is the best double glazing company?

This will mostly depend on what you need. When it comes down to price it’s hard to take discounts seriously because the chances are they’re at their base price anyway.

No company is going to tell you their product isn’t the best. They’ll all try to rubbish other companies and tell you they give the best service around. So are you looking to use a tried and tested company with a warrantee for the goods, even if you have to pay more?

Or are you a firm believer that every window is the same and all the hype is just a con, whereby opting for the cheaper window?

Whichever your persuasion, this is what you need to so:

  • Research: Do extensive research into the windows industry so you know what regulations are in place. Make sure you familiarise yourself with industry bodies such as Certass and FENSA. Also get to grips with the energy performance of windows.
  • Decide: Think about your home’s style and which windows you want to improve the appeal. Do you choose similar frames to what’s already there? You’ll also want to give handles consideration too.
  • Compare: Now it’s time to start comparing companies. Get at least four quotes for the work you want and compare like-for-like. Look at what’s included in detail and even try to haggle if you can. For instance, if you tell one company another is offering cheaper prices, they may be prepared to drop slightly. Also make sure the company you choose is regulated by Fensa or Certass.

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