Advice on Picking a Window Installer

When you’re looking for a window installer or any other kind of tradesperson, it’s important to select the best pro for you. The ideal tradesperson will carry out high-quality work at a great price. However, poor quality window installers may end up costing you too much and wasting your time.

Choosing a tradesperson

There are a few easy ways to make sure you get a trusted tradesperson to undertake your project:

Never use cold callers

It’s usually best to stay away from companies who go door to door unannounced. Even if they are carrying out good quality work, you can’t be sure that they are who they say you are. If you can’t find a window company you trust, try using recommendations from friends and family. Alternatively, you could use our service to find a trusted pro.

Verify the company name, address and insurance details

It’s always a good idea to ask tradespeople for proof of their company name and address, as well as their proof of insurance. This way, you know the company has the right insurance if anything goes wrong and that you’ll always be able to get in touch with them. We perform all these checks on the tradespeople on our network, so you know we’ll match you with trusted pros.

Check customer reviews

Always ask pros for references or have a look online to see reviews from customers they’ve done work for. We provide profiles for all of our tradespeople, so you can read customer reviews and make sure they provide a high-quality service.

Get several quotes

To make sure you get the best price, it’s important to get quotes from a number of tradespeople. This way, if any of the quotes are particularly cheap, you know to double check that it includes all of the services you expect.

Make sure tradespeople come to your property to quote

If you’re receiving quotes over the phone, there’s always a chance they won’t be accurate. To make sure you’re receiving accurate quotes, it’s best to have tradespeople visit your property. Also, make sure the quote is in writing and includes a work schedule. This way, you can start planning the work. Ask about any guarantees too.

Picking a window installer

There are some extra things to bear in mind when looking for a window installer:

Verify that they’re registered with a Competent Persons Scheme

All window installations have to meet building regulations. The easiest way to make sure they do is to use an installer who is registered with a Competent Persons Scheme. The most popular of these are FENSA, STROMA or CERTASS. You can double check that installers are registered with FENSA here, STROMA here and CERTASS here.

Don’t let them be too pushy

Double glazing salespeople might have a reputation for being pushy, but most of them nowadays don’t use these kinds of sales practices. However, if one does, don’t rush into anything. It’s important to get multiple quotes to be sure you’re getting the best price.

If you’re trying to find a trusted window installer, use our service to get free no obligation quotes from up to 4 companies. We make sure all the tradespeople on our network have insurance and we check all their credentials, so you know you’re getting a trusted pro. Simply fill out our form and we’ll match you with up to 4 reputable window installers.

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