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5 Tips for Making your Windows and Doors Burglar-Proof

Did you know that 74% of burglaries are carried out by criminals breaking into a house through a door? It’s no surprise, but even still homeowners fail to protect their homes properly. It doesn’t have to be expensive to make your home more secure against burglaries, and there’s plenty of reasons to spend some money on making some upgrades.

You’re 5 times more likely to be burgled if you have no security measures, so think about your home. Are your windows and doors burglar-proof? Take a look at our 5 things to consider when you buy new double glazing.

1. Lock your windows and doors

You should lock your doors and windows every time you leave the house – even when you’re in the garden. If you’ve not got secure locks, invest in some – multipoint locks and shoot bolt locks are more difficult to break through. Plus, all ground-floor windows should have key-operated locks.

2. Toughen up your glass

Doors with glass panels are particularly vulnerable to burglars. Change to laminated, toughened or security glass that are all smash-resistant. Criminals don’t want to have a hard time smashing glass since it will be noisy, so toughened glass works as a great deterrent.

Ask a double glazing installer about security glass now.

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3. Strong frames make all the difference

Choose new double glazing with strong frames – ask your installer about aluminium, wood and uPVC options. Burglars will take advantage of weak frames – so sometimes, it’s worth spending a bit more on higher-quality frames.

4. Ask your installer about Secured by Design

The Police’s initiative, Secured by Design, sets the standard for windows and doors. When you get quotes from double glazing companies, ask whether they have products with the Secured by Design pass mark – it means that they’ve got security features and have gone through rigorous testing.

5. Update to internally-beaded windows

When windows have internal beading, it means that the glass can’t be levered out of the frame from the outside. Most new windows have internal beading, so if you have old double glazing make your windows and doors burglar-proof today.

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