5 Easy Ways to Dress Your Windows

Nowadays, there is a range of attractive window designs to choose from. Whether you want casement, sash or bay windows, you should be able to find a frame design that looks good in your home.

But the work doesn’t stop once you’ve got your new window installed. Even the most stylish of windows can look odd if you leave them bare.

Whether you’ve got new windows or fancy changing the window dressings you’ve already got, we can give you a hand.

To help you decide on curtains, materials, blinds and patterns, we’ve come up with 5 easy ways to dress your windows.

Be inventive with your fabrics

A great way to decorate your windows is to use textured fabrics. Instead of picking more common curtain materials like cotton or polyester, decorating your windows with a textured fabric like silk, velvet or suede can add a touch of originality.

Textured fabrics can also look particularly great when used to make floor-length curtains. Furnishing your living room with long, textured fabrics can give it an attractive air of sophistication.

Go for the natural look

If you prefer blinds over curtains, natural materials are a great way to go. A wooden, venetian blind or a bamboo, roman blind can be a good choice if you want to dress your window with something that’s both practical and attractive. They’re also an ideal way to create a stylish, minimalist look.

Try out window films

An alternative to both curtains and blinds is window films. These are most commonly used in bathrooms, but they’re a great way to decorate a small window anywhere in your home. Whilst curtains and blinds tend to swamp smaller windows, adhesive films are an unobtrusive way to keep your home private.

Window films can also be decorative. Patterned ones are available, which are ideal for brightening up children’s bedrooms or anywhere else in the house. Films are both easy to apply and simple to remove if you change your mind or fancy something different.

Layer it up

Using multiple layers can be a great way to give your window dimension. Try fitting one type of window dressing for privacy, and another for decoration.

For example, you can put up gauze or lace curtains to stop people seeing in and then thicker, colourful curtains to keep your window looking stylish. Or you can put up curtains and top them with a valance.

Use bold patterns and colours

A really simple and effective way to dress your windows is to use bold patterns and colours. Whether you have curtains or blinds, bold decoration can turn your window into an attractive focal point. This can transform a room that’s a plain or neutral space.

Be careful not to go overboard though; when designing your window dressing take into consideration the other colours and patterns in the room.

So there are several different things you can do to make your windows look more attractive. Whatever the style or size of your windows, you should be able to find a window dressing that will make them look great.

Evy Coe

Evy works for Quotatis as a Content Marketing Executive. She loves to write about interior design and help homeowners with their DIY projects.